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Why did I redo my portfolio

I created my first portfolio in 2016, second in 2017. Compare to the first one, the second (profungi.github.io) used a creative template with a bunch of nice photo filters. It has a better look and feel but 2 fetal problems:

  1. Belt shape presentation is not the best choice for portfolio.
    If people lose interest at the beginning, they won’t have patience to see the following artwork; as I am keep working on projects, the site will be like Snake, which is unfriendly for searching.
  2. Design style inconsistency.
    I moved the site and changed the interface, but I kept the project detail page on the old site. The two sites have completely different design style, which will confuse visitors.

As I am planning to add my projects, switching to a new platform to start over was the best choice.

Site update memo

Create child site

choose template

create site structure

migrate projects

home page

domain name

add animation effect

domain name pointing to the sub-site failed (1&1 sucks)

got another space and plan to migrate the site

impossible to migrate a sub-site to another host

tried export and import the content, but still not the site itself

Rebuild a site again?

added hotjar to both two portfolio site

To be continued…

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