After the storm

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Japan 2016; NR; 117 minutes. Subtitles.

Ryota, a one-hit-wonder of a writer, now slightly dissolute and coasting along in a fallback job as a private detective, tries to re-bond with his young son – that is, if his ex-wife will be just a little more tolerant of his tardy child-support payments. When all three gather at his elderly mother’s apartment, an impending typhoon offers Ryota a second chance – if he can get it together enough to seize it.

Direction and screenplay: Hirukazu Kore-eda

Hours & Tickets

Tuesday April 11, @ 7:30PM;
Wednesday April 12, @ 7:30PM;
Saturday April 15, @ 7:30PM;
Sunday April 16 @ 1, 3:20PM

$6.00 adults, $4.00 seniors, $3.00 Clark students, faculty and staff (with ID)